Free Home Collection

We have a network of Phlebotomists all over India to get your sample collected, at no cost.

Global Labs

We work with the labs based out of the US and major Indian cities, all having best of the facilities & capabilities.

Global Lab Partners

EDPG associates with very high quality labs with global standards to make sure your diagnosis is the most accurate.

50+ Different Tests

Every DNA talks something, our oncologists say. We offer variety of genetic tests to suit your need covering more than 500 genes.

We Empower new diagnostic Technologies for Progressive/Essential/Adequate Treatment

EDPG conveys to ‘Never lose hope’ during tough times as life is not all about waiting for the storm to pass but to face the obstacles with a smile. It helps in providing affordable cancer diagnostic testing that is cohesively powered by innovative technologies for better treatment plans. We work with several stakeholders to make sure that the prices we offer to you are competitive while serving your need at its best.

We navigate more than 100 cancer patients every month

Experienced & High Quality Counselling

When your doctor asks for Cancer screening tests, rely on our highly efficient network for accurate reports. We understand that no one predicts to have cancer in their lives hence, we're never prepared to deal with it. Cancer diagnosis brings in a lot of ambiguity, unresolved queries, financial toxicities and much more. Our team makes sure to address all your concerns as much as possible.

Clinical Research

The science is progressing every day, especially in the field of Oncology. Keep in touch with your doctor(s).


A lot of new markers and tests have come in this domain to ascertain if you would respond to the concerned treatment.

Molecular Biology

Studying of macromolecules to determine the mutation of tumor cells for more targeted treatments.

Safety Assessment

Performing safety measures for high-quality results to enhance the treatment outcomes.

Free Online Counselling For Newly Diagnosed Patients

No one can fight your battle but trust us, we don't let you fight alone!

.EDPG not only helps you with molecular diagnostics but with other relevant needs such as emotional, social and functional support. Feel free to contact us at +91-9137648655 or book a free appointment today by filling out the form. Free home collection is also available from the comfort of your home.

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